Citadel of Blaye :

The Citadel of Blaye is a magnificent construction which culminates on a rocky promontory above the Gironde.

The Citadel of Blaye covers an area of ​​approximately 38 hectares and was built between 1685 and 1689 by the Director General of the Fortifications of Guyenne: François FERRY under the supervision of Sébastien Le Prestre Marquis de VAUBAN.

The purpose of the Citadel of Blaye was to control navigation on the Gironde Estuary. But this construction was not sufficient in view of the width of the Gironde and especially the range of the cannons at that time.

VAUBAN thus took advantage of the disposition of the Ile Pâtée between the banks of Blaye and of the Médoc to imagine a triple defence called: The Lock of the Estuary. Enemy ships wishing to return to the land and to Bordeaux were caught in a crossfire from this triple defence consisting of the Citadel of Blaye, Fort Pâté and Fort Médoc.

The islands in the estuary :

At the same time you can visit the islands of the estuary which are : L’île Nouvelle, l’île Margaux, l’île de Patiras and the lighthouse of Courdouan.

The New Island

The new island is located in front of the citadel of Blaye, it was closed to the public for a long time, it was opened to the public in June 2016. This Sensitive Natural Area of 270 ha is now a sanctuary for birds (herons, egrets, white spoonbills, swans …).

Different activities on the island :

  • A 4 km walk to discover the island (closed shoes and binoculars must be worn).
  • Photo exhibition on the hidden spaces of the island
  • Free nature activities à la carte
  • A series of events including “Listen to Stories on the Island” in June, July, September and October
ZEFR CThe Margaux Island

The Margaux Island is located between the Green Island and the coast. One can therefore guess the vineyards surrounded by a promenade, wanted by its owner Gerard Favarel: 365 fruit trees that come to reinforce the most natural dike in the world. At the winery, five exceptional grape varieties benefit from a unique terroir.

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